The greatest of changes take place inside the heart

Debs Hoy

Reiki Master (Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho)

ITEC Diploma Anatomy & Physiology

Editor of Touch Magazine

Debs Hoy has been practising Reiki for 19 years.

She is trained in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki by Tripuri Dunne.


Debs is a Verified Practitioner member of The Reiki Association. Having run a successful clinical practice in Norwich, Debs is now based in Stroud, Gloucestershire where she offers Reiki treatments and share groups at Cotswold Health Centre.

Debs also teaches Reiki classes in various locations and maintains an ad-hoc client base at Natureworks in London.


Debs Hoy holds a bachelor of Arts from Chelsea School of Art and Design and a Master of Fine Arts from The University of Pennsylvania. While working in the arts, Debs has studied Anatomy and Physiology, Bach Flower Essences, Metamorphic Technique and Family Constellations. She draws avidly from The Artists Way and maintains a meditation practise. 



As Editor of Touch Magazine for 10 years, Debs' insightful articles serve the Reiki Association membership in the UK and worldwide. She also creates drawings, paintings and sculptures and supports children in developing their creative potential through arts education and mentoring.



Debs has travelled extensively in Europe, America and Canada spending time with Reiki masters trained by Hawayo Takata and her successors.

Reiki Lineage

Reiki is passed on from master to student through sacred initiation. From the founder Mikao Usui there are 6 people in Debs Reiki lineage:

The ascended masters Mikao Usui, Chijuro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata, and the lineage of Wanja Twan, Krishni Borang and Tripuri Dunne. Debs has has the great privilege of spending significant amounts of time with Tripuri, Krishni and Wanja over 20 years of study and practise.




Reiki Founders: Mikao Usui, Chijuro Hayashi, and Hawayo Takata                                 Lineage: Wanja Twan (centre) Krishni Borang (left) Tripuri Dunne (right)

Photo courtesy: Eye of Horus                                                                                                       Photo courtesy: Lucy Patterson © 2015