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Learning Reiki is a gift for life


After having a few treatments, many people go on to learn Reiki for themselves. This simple and gentle healing technique can be learned over the course of 2 or 4 days and is accessible to everyone.



First Degree training - Reiki Level 1

Students learn how to give themselves a Reiki treatment and receive 4 initiations to enable them to practise Reiki on themselves.

The course also covers how to give treatments to other people and explores the benefits of using Reiki with children, pets and plants.


Teaching in the traditional form of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Debs Hoy will share the modern history of Reiki, guide students through the Reiki Principles and explain the mind/body correlations between treatment hand positions and their benefits for good health.


The course takes 8-10 hours and is taught in small groups. Students will receive a First Degree certificate and details of their Reiki lineage.


Second Degree - Reiki Level 2

An advanced course for those who have been regularly practising Reiki on themselves and can give Reiki treatments to other people. Students learn how to incorporate sacred symbols into their Reiki practise and how to send Reiki over distance. There is a focus on healing emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances and reinforcements of the physical healing techniques learned during the first degree.


The Second Degree course is approximately 6-8 hours long depending on the size of the group, and can be taught over 1 or 2 days. Students must have completed First Degree in the Usui Shiki Ryoho form of Reiki before undertaking Second Degree with Debs Hoy. 

A Second Degree certificate is issued along with a 21-day practise programme.

Reiki Master Training

Traditionally, the Reiki Master level is attained through apprenticeship. An agreement is made between master and student and the training may take several years. Choosing to train to become a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master is a life-long commitment that encompasses many layers of personal development. Debs Hoy advises aspirants to immerse themselves in daily practise of Reiki self-treatment and contemplation of the Reiki Principles. 





Debs Hoy teaches workshops to assist Reiki students in deepening their understanding of Reiki. Previous topics have included The Reiki Principles, Creative Visioning, and ways to incorporate mindfulness techniques into everyday living. Debs uses her extensive knowledge of Arts Education to lead participants along transformational journeys into unique and personal expressions of their greatest capabilities.




“I recently took my Reiki Level 1 and can honestly say that it has changed my life for the better in such a short period of time."  Leila Lahfa



"Since you shared Reiki 2 with me there's been continual changes in my life - so this is a great big THANKYOU! Things have sort of happened gradually, but now looking back, I can see a massive difference in all aspects of life, it's like a whole new me!"  H. G.



"I am currently in Portugal, living and creating a project for children and families in the mountains and I could not be happier! I do not even know how to thank all that you have given me! Thinking about you and about our Reiki lineage, I feel deeply thankful."  Ana Soares da Fonseca




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