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In recent years, Reiki has been more and more accepted in medical communities. As well as being offered in some hospitals and hospices, GP’s are now able to refer patients for Reiki treatments. The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council regulates Reiki practice to maintain national professional standards. You can read scientific studies below showing the beneficial effects of Reiki.


Reiki treatment for women with Cancer

Calming effects of Reiki on the nervous system

Recovery rate after a heart attack




Although funding for clinical trials can be hard to come by, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to show how people have benefitted from Reiki in difficult times and how people use Reiki to increase contentment in their daily lives. Published in Touch Magazine, here are some articles from those whose lives have been dramatically touched by Reiki.


Lifestyle changes after learning Reiki (2012)

Coping with exam stress (2014)

What's the future of healthcare? (2013)



Further reading



Traditionally, Reiki is taught through the verbal passing of stories from master to student and Debs recommends direct experience over theoretical reading. For those interested in the teachings of Debs lineage, senior Reiki masters Wanja Twan and Krishni Borang have published some indispensable books detailing their 30+ years of living with and teaching Reiki.



Wanja new book_small.jpg

All books are available from with the exception of Principles of Reiki which is available on Amazon

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