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Never lose hope my dear heart, miracles dwell in the invisible - Rumi

When it's not possible to receive a hands-on Reiki treatment, then the advanced technique of distance healing can be applied.


Distance Reiki healing can be used for physical conditions and for emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Short consultations can take place by phone or video call and clients choose a time to receive the Reiki energy transmission.

It is advised to lie down, or sit quietly to receive the distance Reiki treatment.

Wellness packages

Distance Reiki treatments and online consultations can be used as part of a wellness package to support you in times of stress, anxiety, or physical need.

Want to know more? 

Use the contact page to make an enquiry or set up a consultation.

Reiki sendings from Debs are very special indeed.


Knowing that someone is taking your healing into their hands at a distance is a wonderful thing.


I have had several distance treatments from Debs over the years, and always feel ‘held’ during and after a Reiki distance treatment.


I also feel grateful that someone with such integrity and care is able to look out for me in this way.


If you’re in need of physical or emotional healing I’d definitely recommend Debs, who will provide you with feedback afterwards that really helps during times of need.

Mrs L. Syed, London

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